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PET recycling production line is also known as:

PET mineral water bottle recycling machinery; PET beverage bottle processing, crushing and washing production line; PET polyester plastic bottle recycling production line; mineral water bottle de-standard crushing washing machine; beverage bottle recycling equipment; waste polyester plastic bottle processing bottle flake equipment; waste mineral water bottle recycling washing machinery; waste PET plastic washing equipment; PET bottle material drawing washing machine; PET short fiber hot washing line; PET sheet crushing washing line; PET recycling washing line; PET bottle processing cleaning line; mineral water bottle peeling and crushing production line; PET material Processing equipment; plastic bottle washing equipment; waste mineral water bottle washing line; waste beverage bottle processing and washing line; PET plastic bottle hot film production line; PET bottle flake high-temperature washing production line; PET full set of washing equipment manufacturers.

Among them, STPLAS mineral water bottle stripping machine, beverage bottle peeling machine, PET plastic bottle stripping machine, is a special equipment for stripping PET waste mineral water bottles, cola bottles and other (polyester) plastics. Features of this machine: exquisite appearance, low energy consumption , High output, practical and reliable,

Feature of PET label remover machine:

1. Imported alloy cutter head, high de-standard rate, long service life, remove the label paper, reduce labor cost;

2. The STPLAS de-marking machine that has been technologically updated has mature technology, and the de-marking rate can reach 98%. The stripping speed is fast and practical;

3. The performance of the machine is stable, and the whole machine is guaranteed for one year without any worries.

PET label remover machine

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