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HDPE bottle flake recycling high temperature washing , de-standard crushing, hot cold washing processing and regeneration equipment

HDPE/PP crushing, cleaning, recycling and processing production line equipment removes discarded HDPE bottles or pipes from the market or factories, discarded HDPE milk bottles, HDPE shampoo bottles, daily miscellaneous goods, HDPE pipes, HDPE natural gas pipes, PE water supply pipes, and ground Buried pipes, HDPE blue barrels, oil cans, HDPE medical waste drip bottles, drip bags, infusion bags, etc. are first classified and selected. The classified HDPE bottles or pipes are crushed by a special crusher, and after the crushing, they are dehydrated, decontaminated and sand removed. , And then perform friction cleaning, remove the adhesive paper on the surface, or add appropriate caustic soda water for degreasing treatment. After washing, the material is separated by sinking and floating. HDPE is a floating plastic. It can be rinsed multiple times according to the cleanliness of the material The separated and rinsed materials are dug into the dehydrator through a drum bucket for dehydration. The dehydrated HDPE can be taken to form particles, which can be used for recycling in various industries such as injection molding.

HDPE bottle flake recycling high temperature washing

 de-standard crushing

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