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Blade manufacturing process of wood shredder

1. Check the weld strength: Grind the back of a shredder knife with a green silicon carbide grinding wheel and check the thickness of the solder layer. The thickness is required to be less than 0.15 mm. There should be no pores and lack of solder at the bottom surface of the tool tip support, and the weld that is not filled with solder should not exceed 10% of the total length of the weld. If there are air holes, the blade will crack when it is shredded.


   2. Check the position of the shredder blade in the knife slot: If the blade is misaligned and sags beyond the skill conditions, re-welding should be carried out.


   3. Check the welding strength: use a wooden hammer or a copper hammer to strike the blade with medium strength, or use an I hammer to strike the shank with a strong force. At this time, the blade does not fall from the slot to be qualified. Check the welding strength of the blade, not necessarily check them one by one, but also choose the checking method.


   4. Check the flatness of the shredder blade: If there are significant pits on the blade, it indicates that the blade is overheated and deformed, and the new blade should be burned and re-welded.


  5. Check for cracks: After the shredder blade has been cleaned by kerosene, if the blade has cracks. The kerosene penetrates into the cracks and black lines appear, which can be investigated with the naked eye. A magnifying glass of 10-40 times can also be used for investigation.

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